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About Us

Tek Hive is a team of Tech Professionals who are highly skilled in Web Development, Ecommerce, Custom apps & Software development, IT support etc. We help businesses to achieve their goal while providing top notch Tech support tailored to fit the client need. Our dedicated multi skilled team is up for any challenge while having a diverse portfolio of tech projects all around the globe. We believe in excelling at what we do and that’s what makes us go the extra mile for you. So why not poke at our hive at info@tekhive.net for any query that you have- we will be glad to hear from you!

Our Story

TekHive is the co-creation of four founders coming from diverse academic & professional backgrounds while having a shared passion about technology. Being a tech freelancer early in our careers made us realize that we cant do much good working alone, so we teamed up with a bunch of alike minded talented tech wizards, and took the name Thrive. Since our inception, the hive is buzzing with tech bees and our portfolios started to grow.

The profound passion to do good with technology is the core vision that drives us and holds our team together. We all believe in strong work ethics, thus we do our best to reflect that belief in our work to serve our client the best. Our numerous happy & satisfied customers are the testimonial to that fact. In near future our plan is to bring together a bunch of tech products that would solve everyday problems that people face and make their life a whole lot easier. So for now, get on board with our journey, we can assure you wont regret it 

Our Values & Beliefs

To do good with technology

We strongly believe that technology can do good to the people and the world, keeping that in mind we work hard to what is best of what we do and push ourselves to do even better for that advancement of the technology.

Strong work ethics

We have made our passion for technology our way of life and took it as our career, thus we are fully committed to the work of what we do and devoted to ensure the upmost satisfaction of our clients.

Keep excelling at what we do

As technology changes, we are required to learn new skills to keep up with the trending need. We not only take it as a challenge, we rather enjoy it and turn it to our motivation. This is what makes us even better than the rest.

Our Process



Discuss your requirements

We’ll chat about your project’s scopes/goals and what your website/apps needs to do.

Cost estimate

Once We get an overview of what you’d like to achieve then can provide the estimate time & cost.

Let’s go for it!

We’ll produce a project overview document which will list all agreed deliverable and costs. Once this is agreed we’ll take an initial payment of 25-50% & start proceedings 

Research & Discovery

We’ll immerse our-self in your business, and ask plenty of questions. We’ll create an inspiration board together so we are equipped with the knowledge we need to create the right website for your business.


Wireframe Sketching

We’ll talk in detail about what elements are required where, and how the site will work across different screen sizes.



We’ll either create visuals for key pages or show you design elements, such as the choice of typography, colour pallet and website components. We’ll collaborate throughout this whole process.



We’ll run through how to use your Content Management System so you can edit and add to your website.



We’ll build the website’s shell and we’ll review how it looks and works. we’ll continue to build core elements while making sure the site is optimised and performs well.


Testing and Deployment

We’ll do cross-browser and device testing, before deploying onto your hosting solution.


To be continued

Hope We’ll keep in touch to review how the site is performing, and continue to grow the site together.


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